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Our Environment

Eaglereach boasts a proud record as an eco-friendly tourist destination

Its isolation from mainstream towns makes it an idyllic bushland retreat for those seeking a nature-based experience away from the hurly burly, hustle and bustle of every day city living.

Eaglereach extends over 1000 acres, of which around half is bushland. The remainder houses 42 residential lots on which stand alone eco themed residences have been erected for your enjoyment. Not all of these residences are part of Eagleview Resort.

Natural bush and lush rainforest vegetation covers approximately 600 acres of the Park which is home to a variety of wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, wombats, echidnas, goannas, a colourful mix of parrots and rosellas, native pigeons, a variety of honey eaters and our splendid wedge tailed eagles.

Its unique mountain top location overlooking the Paterson River, a tributary of the Hunter River and extensive valleys below, is what differentiates Eagleview Resort from other destinations in the Hunter Valley. The mists and clouds that envelope Eagleview in winter, are so surreal, you almost feel as if you are living in the clouds!

The spectacular sunrises and sunsets are an everyday occurrence and a pleasure to behold. The clear night skies display a dazzling array of stars that light up the Milky Way.

Combined with the quiet environment which is free of pollution it presents an unique mountain top escape far removed from city life.

We are proud of this environment and aim to keep it that way, so that all visitors can enjoy first hand an unique nature based experience which is within easy reach of Sydney and Newcastle.


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